Our Specialized Services


Clearance Advice

Years of activity in the field of export and import of goods have provided valuable experience to Roham Pars Group to be fully acquainted with the challenges and techniques of customs clearance. This can lead to an extremely time consuming, costly and risky process for individuals. Therefore, our experts, with this history and gaining valuable experiences, will facilitate the clearance process for you in the best possible way.

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Due to the current situation in the country, transportation of goods has sometimes become the most complex and tedious issue for individuals, especially large companies. Optimal performance of this work requires familiarity with the correct principles of transportation of goods and effective and permanent communication with companies active in this field. We proudly manage to ship your goods as quickly as possible through the best available methods and most importantly at the most affordable prices.

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Ordering Goods

We have provided the possibility of buying the goods you want with the highest quality and at the same time the most appropriate price. These services start from ordering goods and will continue until they reach your loved ones. Therefore, with this work, dear customers do not bear any risk, and on the other hand, in all stages of the purchase, they will have our experienced and specialized experts by their side.

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Some Of Our Specialized Products


Roham Pars Novin Paya Trading Company is an international group for providing commercial services that provides various services in the field of export and import of various goods to its customers. These services include international marketing, concluding foreign contracts in accordance with the principles of international law, order registration with the Ministry of Commerce, international transportation, clearance of goods from all Iranian customs and delivery of goods to the desired customers.

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